A Forced Vacation

Universities in Sri Lanka have this strange habit of being closed down while in the middle of the academic year due to various reasons. University of Moratuwa was closed down last Thursday (6th August) because of a student clash that took place at the hostels on the 5th of August.

The university premises are out of bounds for us at the moment and the date of reopening has not been declared yet. I guess it won’t be closed for more than a week and normal academic work will start again in the coming week.

However as this is sort of a vacation for us students, I plan to finish off the assignments that are due in the coming weeks and most importantly watch plenty of movies. I have a huge collection which I downloaded recently and had no time to watch any of them during the past couple of weeks.

I hope that uni will reopen soon because it’s great to be with friends than being stuck at home all alone.

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