Breaking into a Maruti… Step by step istructions :)

Yesterday my uncle came to visit us. When he was about to leave he couldn’t find his car key anywhere. Finally he saw that he had locked it inside the car. The mission to open the lock begins from there. 🙂

First of all my uncle popped out the beading which runs along side the shutter. After this was removed we could see the metal rod of the lock. Then I took a a bicycle spoke and bent the end to make a little hook. Through the gap which was created by removing the beading, I saw that the rod curved slightly before going into the depths of the door. So I inserted the spoke through the gap and caught the curved placed of the rod with the hook and pulled it upwards. The lock jumped up instantly. 🙂

That’s how I broke into the Maruti. Guess I can find a job at Darley road in Colombo even if I don’t graduate from uni. 😀

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