A Random Act of Kindness


Last Monday was a busy day for me. I had a huge refactoring task to do at office and by the time I finished work for the day it was past 7.30 pm. I usually travel to office by train but unfortunately there wasn’t one at my disposal in that late hour. So I turned to the other option which I hate the most; the bus. (damn I hate busses!!) After a tiring journey which lasted  about 1.5 hours (would have been 40 minutes if I could have caught a train) I finally reached my home town, Panadura.

When I got down at the bus stop it was raining cats, dogs, horses, bulls and some more animals as well. I sought shelter under my umbrella, which I luckily remembered to bring, and started my walk towards home. The roads were pretty flooded and even some of the drains were overflowing. The rain was coming down so hard and the tic tic noise it made when it hit my umbrella reminded me of the crackers that go off during the new year season in Sri Lanka.

When I was getting close to the Panadura roundabout the scene that stood in front of me made my eyes open with astonishment. It was surprising because I haven’t witnessed that sort of thing in my entire life time. Before me stood three people who were trying their best to get past the rain. ‘That’s not something strange..’ you would say. But what if I told that the person in the middle was a homeless beggar who was dressed in rags and the other two were helping the beggar to reach some sort of shelter?? Now that is not something you see everyday. Judging by the looks, this beggar woman was quite old. Her back was bent and she was poorly dressed without even a pair of slippers on. The two people who were helping this woman were a gent and a lady nicely dressed which contrasted sharply with the beggar. The couple was helping the woman walk while keeping her in the centre and holding her arms while she moved inch by inch to get out of the rain.

This scene moved me a lot. I was quite shaken by the power of humanity and how some people help others beyond any limits. Sri Lankans are famous for their hospitality and the helpful nature of the people. However that has been somewhat questionable with the busy lifestyles that have gripped us left right and centre. This sight reminded me that hope is not lost. There are still some people out there who believe in making the lives of others better and happier. Little acts like these are the ones that will spark the true nature of human beings and bring out our best qualities in the times of need. I end this post by hoping against hope that more and more people would follow this couple, ultimately turning our world into a better place…

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