Well.. let’s just say that this blog is all about the scattered thoughts which pop in to my small head once in a while. I love the world we live in and I love the way it moves so fast. If you just close your eyes for a few seconds you will realize that things have changed so much in that tiny time period. I created this blog to get some space in the cyberspace to post my ‘think alouds’ about our lovely world and what goes on in it…

Defining Nimantha Baranasuriya..

Quoting from my FB profile I would define my self as “A fun loving, easy going person who loves the good things in life (including his friends 🙂 ) and who believes in taking things in life one step at a time…”. I try to live a simple life as much as I can which helps me to be cheerful so that I can enjoy the short time I have been given on earth.

I am currently employed as an Associate Tech Lead at a software engineering firm called Eurocenter DDC in Sri Lanka. Before that I completed by bachelors degree at University of Moratuwa majoring in Computer Science and Engineering.  I underwent my school education at two lovely schools in Sri Lanka; namely Royal College, Panadura (Grade 1 to 3) and Sri Sumangala College, Panadura (Grade 3 – 13).


Playing Tennis is my favourite past time. Other than that I love watching movies, reading books, driving and cycling. Badminton, Table Tennis and Cricket are also some sports that interest me.

I love Photography a lot as well and very recently I bought myself a professional still photography camera and and started my venture in the professional photography field. I am not planning to make it a career but I will be going on trips and covering events which interest me. My photo blog can be found here.


I loooooooveeeee movies a lot. Not a day goes by where my computer is busy downloading a movie. IMDB is one of the sites which I visit very often to keep track of the latest and the greatest movies. My all time favourites are Troy and The Last Samurai. From that I guess you have framed me as an ‘old age movie freak’, and you are right!! I am very fond of movies which depict the golden oldies where history is brought back to life.

I also love movies which tell the tales of true stories. Frost/Nixon, Invictus, Flash of Genius, The Blind Side are some of the true stories I watched very recently and I loved all of them.


This is so hard to explain because I love such a variety of music. I love classics, pop songs, R n B hits and even some rock songs. The music I listen to depends on my mood. That explains why my music taste gets spread out in a massive scale. However my favourite radio station is E FM in Sri Lanka which play quite a lot of tracks from the 1980’s. I simple love those songs and in my point of view, they sure are a delight to the ears at any time of day.


Reading has been and will be a favourite past time of me. In my childhood I read a lot of Enid Blyton books and I also loved the Tin-Tin books. These days I love the books by Dan Brown. I have read all Dan Brown books including the newest, ‘The Lost Symbol’. I also liked the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling.

Well I guess that’s all I can think of myself to write in this page. I hope you will enjoy reading my Scattered Thoughts….