Aug 8 2008

Speak Olympiad 2008

University of Moratuwa is proud to house an energetic Gavel Club which is affiliated to the Toastmasters International. This club is dedicated in improving the speaking and presentation skills of university students with the noble motive of producing excellent public speakers who can go in front of any audience and speak their hearts out.

Gavel club annually organises a speech contest in which any student of the university can take part. The competition is called Speak Olympiad and it is one of the most wonderful events in the university calendar. When this year’s competition was announced 50% of me wanted to participate, and the remaining 50% was reluctant because of the high preparation needed and not being a member of the Gavel club, I wondered whether I can even go into the 2nd round.

Finally I decided to take part and chose the topic “Pillars of My Life” in which I talked about three life values; Identifying your strengths and weaknesses, Prioritizing life and Grabbing the first opportunity, while giving real life experiences to support the facts. The competition was held in three rounds and I got selected to the finals.

All the finalists were really great speakers and the finals of the SO 2008 was a delightful event. The judges who were famous toastmasters of the country praised the efforts of each and every speaker. I got ranked as the first runner up and that day was one of the most happiest days of my life. The only thing that I had to regret was not being a member of the Gavel club. I felt that if I was a member I could have done something more and I could have been a better speaker. Anyway I am really happy that I took part and I hope and wish that the Gavel club will hold this event in each and every year that is yet to come.

Before I end this post I think it would be nice if I thank few people who were behind my victory.

Dilini, who is the President of the Gavel Club and one of my closest friends at uni. She is the one who pushed me to participate, helped me select a topic for the speech, proof read and corrected my speech, gave feedback after listening to my speech, and encouraged me until the very end. So thanks a lot Dili.

Next another of my closest friends and member of the Gavel club, Nuwanpriya. He also helped me to get my speech prepared, gave me feedback after listening and helped me to get through the impromptu speech sessions. I couldn’t have done it without you bro. Many thanks to you!!

I would also like to thank all the members of the Gavel club specially Aravinda, Bodul, Erangi, Lakshitha and Dulini for all their efforts and encouraging words.

Finally I would like to thank all of my friends who came to the watch me speak and encourage me all the way. Thanks a lot you guys and gals! 🙂

This post should have appeared a long time a go. SO 2008 was held in the first three weeks of June. I am very sorry for being lazy and delaying this post… 🙂

Jun 1 2008

Hit The Grounds 2008

Hit The Grounds 2008, the annual cricket carnival organised by the Computer Science and Engineering Society (CS&ES) of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, was held for the 5th time on the 24th of May. Teams from many leading IT firms, undergraduate teams and a team from the staff participated in this event.

I was one of the event managers and had a ball of a time organising this event with Shanaka (the other event manager). Zone 24×7 came forward to sponsor the event.

We had a spot of trouble from the MIT team because they refused to play on the pitch that was allocated to them and the team from Batch 05, to play the quarter finals. In that particular pitch bowlers didn’t bowl from either side because the boundary lines overlapped with another. As a result the pitch was in favour to the left handed batsmen. MIT refused this pitch because most of their batsmen were right handed. They wanted to use both sides of the pitch. However rules are rules and me along with the rest of the organising committee didn’t allow MIT to go ahead with their request. So after fussing for more than 45 minutes they agreed to play and the match went underway. MIT went on to score 100+ runs in just 7 overs in the pitch they said that was not suitable for their batsmen 😛 This huge delay prevented the finals from being played and MIT and WS02 went home as joint winners.

The best batsman was from MIT and the man of the series and woman of the series awards went to WS02. Zone 24×7 bagged the best bowler award. As I ran around the ground carrying a Zone 24×7 banner, I was awarded the best entertainer award. 🙂

The event was major fun for all who participated and I can’t wait for Hit The Grounds 2009 to take place.

(Photos of the event are available here)

May 19 2008

Vesak at 36/2, Sir James Peiris Mw, Panadura

Vesak is something my family celebrates lovingly. I remember the effort I put to create lanterns, paste them and finally light up them when I was young. Now as I don’t have a lot of time to spend on creating lanterns we buy them from shops and paste them. For this vesak my mother brought 3 lanterns and my sister did the pasting. I handled the electrical department.

To make a difference this year, I thought of running a set of 5W bulbs alongside the roof and to do this I had to climb to the roof and drive nails to the side of it under the scorching sun. I had to wear two shorts because the heated roof sheets were scorching my bum when I sat on them. 🙂 After many hours of hard work we finally got everything running and the house looked pretty nice I must say.

Looking forward to next year’s vesak… 🙂

May 3 2008

Sri Sumangala College Junior OBA Get-Together

The annual get-together of the Junior Old Boys’ Association of Sri Sumangala College will be happening tonight at the Wadduwa Holiday Resort. Loads of fun are to be expected at this event because it’s a place where school pals will meet after a long time.
I will be participating in this get-together and I hope to meet my school friends. It has been some time since I met them and I am really looking forward to the event.