Jun 4 2008


Last Sunday I had nothing to do in the evening which made me decide to watch a movie. I went through the list of movies that I downloaded recently and thought of watching ‘Untraceable’ because it had good rankings in the imdb chart.

The movie is about a killer who goes on killing innocent people randomly (so it seems at the beginning) and the killings are broadcast live over the internet through his own web site. Two cyber crime fighters of the FBI are working very hard to track the killer, but their efforts are in vain because the killer really knows what he’s doing.

That is how the story goes and it is a real thriller indeed. I loved the movie from the start, but I felt that the ending could have been more ‘puffy’. If you asks me, the movie ends too abruptly. Untraceable is directed by Gregory Hoblit. Diane Lane, Billy Burke, Colin Hanks and Joseph Cross give life to the main characters of the movie.