Jun 22 2009

Data Integrity Module for OpenMRS – Weeks 6-9 progress

During the past four weeks, I managed to cover a lot of ground in my project. I am now totally at ease with the OpenMRS module structure and managed to implement some of the requirements without much of a problem.

I managed to finish the admin page which allows a user to upload a new integrity check into the system. The user will have to provide the check’s name, SQL query and base for failure as inputs. The user can also edit already existing checks as well as delete obsolete tests via the admin page.

The ‘Run single integrity check’ feature was added during these weeks as well. From this page the user can select one of the added checks and run that to check data integrity. After a successful execution, the results page will provide some information to the user which include the number of records that failed the check as well as the records themselves and the status of the check (whether it passed or not). The user is also given the opportunity of running the check again from the results page for convenience.

I also implemented the ‘Run multiple checks’ feature which allows the user to run several checks at one go. The results page lists the results of each and every execution in a tabular format which provides a good insight to the user about the integrity of the data.

In the coming weeks I hope to provide another page through which the user can upload a XML file which has the information to create a new integrity check.

May 25 2009

Data Integrity Module for OpenMRS – Week 5 progress

After a brief discussion with Ben Wolfe of OpenMRS I was told the next step to take would be to create an Admin page which lists things that a user can perform on the system. The ‘things’ can include activities like adding new tests to be run, editing the existing tests or even deleting the tests.

So this week I worked on getting this done. I also update the wiki page for the Data Integrity module so that it gave information about the requirements, project plan etc. This would help the community to track my progress during the coming months.

May 25 2009

Data Integrity Module for OpenMRS – Week 4 progress

After my self learning on Spring and Hibernate last week I thought it is high time that I developed a simple JSP page which read some data from the database via Hibernate and displayed them in that page. I also thought of going a bit further and allow the user to enter some data to a database table via the above mentioned page.

To do this first of I created a JSP page which had a simple form through which the user can enter some data to the database. I also added a table which displayed data from the database. Then I coded the necessary mappings in the moduleApplicationContext.xml and the config.xml files.

After a bit of trial and error methods I finally got the page up and running and it successfully read from the database and wrote to it as well. So the 4th week of my GSOC project was fruitful and at the same time very eventful. 🙂

May 25 2009

Data Integrity Module for OpenMRS – Week 3 progress

This whole week was spent on learning Spring and Hibernate to a lengthier extent. Last week I got a basic understanding about these technologies and this week I tried out some examples to get to know them a little bit better.

I followed an excellent Hibernate tutorial which taught me all I knew. I guess it would be a wonderful reference for any beginner like me.

I also looked at the Form entry, Id cards and Hello world modules of OpenMRS to get to know how Spring and Hibernate have been used. I noticed that the usage was fairly similar in all 3 and decided to structure my module such that it followed the same pattern.

May 7 2009

Data Integrity Module for OpenMRS – Week 2 progress

After an empty module was created the next job was to get myself familiarized with Spring and Hibernate. Both these technologies are used extensively in OpenMRS modules. Therefore I decided to do some self learning to get my self exposed to Spring and Hibernate.

Using some online tutorials I learnt the basics of using the Spring and Hibernate frameworks. After that I mapped my learnings to the OpenMRS modules to see how everything is functioning. I also managed to implement a few lines of code in my empty module from my findings.

Apr 26 2009

Data Integrity Module for OpenMRS – Week 1 progress

Though this was the very first week of GSOC 2009, I certainly was very busy indeed. I contacted my mentor and asked how I should proceed. He asked me to first create an empty module. I managed to get this done using the OpenMRS Develoment Studio. I was also instructed to look at the existing modules ‘idcards’ and ‘formentry’ to get to know how things worked.

Furthermore I received svn repo space for the module and the files can be downloaded via the URL http://svn.openmrs.org/openmrs-modules/dataintegrity. I also started a wiki page for the module this week.

So the first week of GSOC was fine and I really enjoyed myself. Looking forward to the future challenges. 🙂

Apr 21 2009

GSOC 2009 Results Announced

Google announced accepted proposals for Google Summer of Code 2009 and I was very happy to find out that my proposal for implementing a data integrity module for OpenMRS has got selected as well. This was very welcoming indeed because the proposal I sent for the last year’s programme got rejected. I should thank three special people who are behind my success.

First of all my friend and batchmate Chathuri. She told me that OpenMRS is a java project and the project ideas given were interesting. It’s because of her that I checked them out and decided to apply for one idea. So many thanks to you Chathuri. 🙂 Next two more of my friends and batchmates Thilina and Namal. Thilina gave me his winning proposal for the last year’s programme and gave me some tips on how to write an effective proposal. Namal directed me towards the necessary Google Groups that I should be a part of in order to participate in the programme. He also gave me some tips that came very helpful indeed. Thanks a lot bros. 🙂

I am also very pleased to know that 5 more of my batchmates got selected for the programme. More information about their proposals can be found in Nimal’s blog.

Best of luck to all the participants!! 🙂