Jan 3 2012

Inevitable Mess

One day I picked up my wife (girlfriend at the time this happened) from her CIMA class and she related a story which her lecturer had mentioned during class. He had said, “everything in its natural state is in a mess and if we want to tidy up things, we need to put in some effort”.

The more I thought about it the more I realized how true this statement is. When I was a schooling I remember how messy my room was. No matter how much I tried to keep it nice and tidy, it automatically got transformed into a living hell. I remember how my clothes worked shifts. During daytime they were on the bed and when bed time approached they sought shelter on my desk! The same applied for my school books, sporting gear, newspapers, magazines and whatnot. I also remember how hard I worked the day before the new year to clean up everything and make my room a ‘room sweet room’. However the week after the new year the unavoidable will happen again and this goes on forever.

Now that I am married and live in a new home, I have to put in extra effort as I am no longer tidying up a single room, but a whole home. It’s quite surprising how things can get quite messy with no effort at all. I have a drawer at home which has my stationary, some keys and some bills which gets messed up almost every other day. No matter how much I tell myself that I need to keep it tidy, the drawer does not abide by it.

Well, as this is the natural state of ‘things’ I guess I have to live with it and remind myself daily to keep everything neat. ร‚ย A simple thing I follow to avoid mess, is to keep something where it was after I have done using it. Following simple practices like ร‚ย keeping the keys in one place, keeping the stationary orderly in drawers, folding clothes and putting them in the wardrobe will also help to avoid messy rooms. In this new year I plan to follow these acts and make less mess as possible because I am tired of spending days to clean up my home after it has become one huge mess.

Happy Neat and Tidy 2012 Everyone!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oct 24 2010

Combat WordPress Spam Comments

So you have your domain and decided to have a blog as well. After considering some options you decide WordPress is the one for you. So you go ahead and install it. Cooool!! You write some posts and day by day your blog gets popular on the net and even Google Search hears about it. When you reach this stage the one enemy you will find hard to combat are spammers from all over the world.

In my blog I have chosen to moderate each and every comment I get and once a comment is submitted WordPress sends me an email asking me to moderate the new comment. Earlier I got only a few spam comments but as time went on this became a huge problem. My inbox was a huge mess. I usually get more than five spam comments daily and some days it’s even more than that. Today I said to myself that I should put a stop to this whole menace.

I did a fundamental research and got to know that a re-Captcha plugin is available for WordPress. The beauty of re-Captcha is that it provides protection against spam and also by using it we are helping the worthy cause of digitizing old books. I successfully installed it and if you want to try it out, you will need to generate a key for your domain which can be done here.

So if you have spam problems like I do, install re-Captcha and join hands with the rest of the community to help digitize books.

May 28 2010

Blogspot to WordPress Migration

Before I bought my domain I used http://nimanthab.blogspot.com to host my blog. Now that I had my own domain I thought of being independent and was bold enough to create my own blog. (Take that blogspot!!!!) I am not a heavy blogger but to tell you the truth the thought of losing my old blog posts saddened me to some extent.

That is where Nimal pointed me towards a brilliant article which explained how to have your new blog on wordpress without losing your old blogspot posts, web traffic, yummy Google juice etc. I tried it out and it worked for me. You can find that article here. It even has a embedded screen cast video which you can watch if you are too lazy to read the text. Good Luck!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jun 8 2008

Breaking into a Maruti… Step by step istructions :)

Yesterday my uncle came to visit us. When he was about to leave he couldn’t find his car key anywhere. Finally he saw that he had locked it inside the car. The mission to open the lock begins from there. ๐Ÿ™‚

First of all my uncle popped out the beading which runs along side the shutter. After this was removed we could see the metal rod of the lock. Then I took a a bicycle spoke and bent the end to make a little hook. Through the gap which was created by removing the beading, I saw that the rod curved slightly before going into the depths of the door. So I inserted the spoke through the gap and caught the curved placed of the rod with the hook and pulled it upwards. The lock jumped up instantly. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s how I broke into the Maruti. Guess I can find a job at Darley road in Colombo even if I don’t graduate from uni. ๐Ÿ˜€