Combat WordPress Spam Comments

So you have your domain and decided to have a blog as well. After considering some options you decide WordPress is the one for you. So you go ahead and install it. Cooool!! You write some posts and day by day your blog gets popular on the net and even Google Search hears about it. When you reach this stage the one enemy you will find hard to combat are spammers from all over the world.

In my blog I have chosen to moderate each and every comment I get and once a comment is submitted WordPress sends me an email asking me to moderate the new comment. Earlier I got only a few spam comments but as time went on this became a huge problem. My inbox was a huge mess. I usually get more than five spam comments daily and some days it’s even more than that. Today I said to myself that I should put a stop to this whole menace.

I did a fundamental research and got to know that a re-Captcha plugin is available for WordPress. The beauty of re-Captcha is that it provides protection against spam and also by using it we are helping the worthy cause of digitizing old books. I successfully installed it and if you want to try it out, you will need to generate a key for your domain which can be done here.

So if you have spam problems like I do, install re-Captcha and join hands with the rest of the community to help digitize books.

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