Data Integrity Module for OpenMRS – Week 4 progress

After my self learning on Spring and Hibernate last week I thought it is high time that I developed a simple JSP page which read some data from the database via Hibernate and displayed them in that page. I also thought of going a bit further and allow the user to enter some data to a database table via the above mentioned page.

To do this first of I created a JSP page which had a simple form through which the user can enter some data to the database. I also added a table which displayed data from the database. Then I coded the necessary mappings in the moduleApplicationContext.xml and the config.xml files.

After a bit of trial and error methods I finally got the page up and running and it successfully read from the database and wrote to it as well. So the 4th week of my GSOC project was fruitful and at the same time very eventful. 🙂

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