Data Integrity Module for OpenMRS – Weeks 6-9 progress

During the past four weeks, I managed to cover a lot of ground in my project. I am now totally at ease with the OpenMRS module structure and managed to implement some of the requirements without much of a problem.

I managed to finish the admin page which allows a user to upload a new integrity check into the system. The user will have to provide the check’s name, SQL query and base for failure as inputs. The user can also edit already existing checks as well as delete obsolete tests via the admin page.

The ‘Run single integrity check’ feature was added during these weeks as well. From this page the user can select one of the added checks and run that to check data integrity. After a successful execution, the results page will provide some information to the user which include the number of records that failed the check as well as the records themselves and the status of the check (whether it passed or not). The user is also given the opportunity of running the check again from the results page for convenience.

I also implemented the ‘Run multiple checks’ feature which allows the user to run several checks at one go. The results page lists the results of each and every execution in a tabular format which provides a good insight to the user about the integrity of the data.

In the coming weeks I hope to provide another page through which the user can upload a XML file which has the information to create a new integrity check.

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