GSOC 2009 Results Announced

Google announced accepted proposals for Google Summer of Code 2009 and I was very happy to find out that my proposal for implementing a data integrity module for OpenMRS has got selected as well. This was very welcoming indeed because the proposal I sent for the last year’s programme got rejected. I should thank three special people who are behind my success.

First of all my friend and batchmate Chathuri. She told me that OpenMRS is a java project and the project ideas given were interesting. It’s because of her that I checked them out and decided to apply for one idea. So many thanks to you Chathuri. 🙂 Next two more of my friends and batchmates Thilina and Namal. Thilina gave me his winning proposal for the last year’s programme and gave me some tips on how to write an effective proposal. Namal directed me towards the necessary Google Groups that I should be a part of in order to participate in the programme. He also gave me some tips that came very helpful indeed. Thanks a lot bros. 🙂

I am also very pleased to know that 5 more of my batchmates got selected for the programme. More information about their proposals can be found in Nimal’s blog.

Best of luck to all the participants!! 🙂

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