May 28 2010


People all around me seem to have their own domains these days. So I asked myself, why don’t you get one of your own?? With some help from my buddy Aravinda, I got to know about how provides domains at low prices. So after visiting GoDaddy I saw that they have a sale for .info domains and without thinking twice I bought at a very reasonable cost.

The next question was finding some server space on a high and mighty server located somewhere in the world wide web. Again another very good friend of mine, Nimal came to my rescue. He has a huge account at and he agreed to share some of his valuable hosting space with me again for a very low cost. I am not going to write that amount here because it is so low and once you know it you’ll be bugging Nimal for some hosting space. 🙂 I might as well add that I am getting a ship load of features for that nominal fee.

The domain is bought. Hosting is found. One thing remains and that is to build a site for myself. Till I go about doing that I installed WordPress to create a blog and Gallery to host the snaps I take on my brand-spanking new domain. So my blog is located at and my photoblog can be accessed at In the coming days I will be working on fine tuning my blog, photoblog and as well as creating a site to include my personal details.