The Dramatist

William Shakespeare

The place where I work at got the help of several Toastmasters Clubs in Colombo and started conducting a training called “Speech Craft Programme”. This is a 10 week programme which was initiated with the motive of getting the participants to learn how to give effective speeches that give a ‘punch’ to the audience. Each participant has to do two mandatory speeches and the first one is called the ‘Ice Breaker’. The Ice Breaker is intended to break off the shackles of the speaker and make him/her more comfortable on stage when speaking in front of an audience.

I did my Ice Breaker yesterday and I titled it ‘The Dramatist’. The speech went really well and I received good comments from the evaluators. I thought of posting the speech I did on my blog just in case someone else wants to get an idea for their ice breaker. Here we go…

“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women are merely players. They have their exists and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many roles”. Toastmaster, ladies and gents. This quote was written by the famous play writer William Shakespeare and I truly believe in what he said. Each and everyone of us is an actor, acting in our own drama called life on this stage called Earth. In the next few minutes I will take you through the highlights of the drama in which I play the leading role.

Scene No one. Place: Private Hospital Matara. Date: 12th of January 1986. On this day I, Nimantha Baranasuriya, made my first appearance on stage with my parents, Thusanthi and Nimal. When I realized what was going around me I got to know another actress was in my play and that is my elder sister Chamilka. Two years later one more actress entered my play by the name of Chamali who is my younger sister. The three of us had a lovely time growing up together in my family. Being the only boy, I received lots of love from my parents. My father used to buy me all sorts of things which my mother never allowed me to have.

Days went by and it was time for another important scene of the play to take place. This was back in the year 1991 when I started schooling at Royal College, Panadura. However in 1993 I switched schools because my father wanted me to study at the same school in which he studied at. As a result from Grade three onwards till I did my A/Ls I schooled at Sri Sumangala College, Panadura. After I completed my A/Ls I was elated to join the Engineering Faculty of University of Moratuwa and that’s where another lovely scene of the drama unravels itself.

I loved the time I spent at my university. I got the valuable opportunity of working with a vast amount of students who came from all sorts of backgrounds and from all parts of the island. I specialized in Computer Science and Engineering and when I graduated I was awarded a gold medal for being the top of my batch and also the award for the most outstanding graduate of the year as well. Upon graduation I joined Eurocenter where I started acting in another new scene of the play.

I joined Eurocenter in 2009 as a Software Engineer and I have been here for about two years now. Each and every single day of those two years have been memorable ones for me. I have a cool set of colleagues with whom I have lots of fun amidst our busy work schedules.

Up to now in all of the scenes I laid out in front of you, I was the hero, but no play is complete without a heroine. I met my heroine while I was at University of Moratuwa. Her name is Dilini Perera and we were quite good friends at that time. I knew that she was the one for me and after we graduated I took a brave step, chose a good time, took her out for lunch and popped the question. Lo and behold we started our little affair in 2009 and last year in November we started acting together in a new scene of my play also called marriage. Now this scene was a little tougher than the previous one because the role I play in it is full of responsibilities, but the most important thing is that both of us spend a lovely time together.

So my drama goes..

Day by day we continue to act in our own little dramas. It is up to you to decide how well or how poorly you want to act in them. Remember that the output of your drama depends on how you acted in it. My only wish is that I will continue to act well in the remaining scenes of my play and by the time the curtain falls I will receive a standing ovation from the audience and perhaps an award for the best dramatist as well.

Well that’s it for the speech. I have to do another speech to complete the requirements of the Speech Craft programme and I will post that speech as well when it’s done. Bye bye for now!! 🙂

8 Responses to “The Dramatist”

  • Nimmi Says:

    There’s no such poor acting in any dramas in life, everything in life gives us lessons to learn and grow, If you are happy with the way you acted in your drama, well that’s the only standing ovation you need! 🙂


  • Nimantha Baranasuriya Says:

    Thanks for the comment Nimmi. I surely do agree with you. Well put! 🙂

  • Hasith Says:

    good one Nimantha. Just that no one will not act happy throughout all the scenes of the drama. Remember that not failing up to now may not only be our greatest strength but the biggest weakness as well. Quality of a act will be finally determined by how strong one can act at a scene of failure, not at a scene of glory.

  • Nimantha Baranasuriya Says:

    Thanks for the comment Hasith aiya. Very wisely said. I also think the best of a person comes out when he/she’s faced with problems in life, and as you said, the most successful people will always be the ones who can deal with failure.

  • Dilini Says:

    Well done love… 🙂

  • Nimantha Baranasuriya Says:

    Thanks Dili <3 I owe the creativity factor of the speech to you.. 🙂

  • Sam Dora Says:

    Your article ought to be praised as it succeeds in making us trust as it really is. I follow quite a few blogs but I have never visited such an astounding post earlier. To tell the truth I love to follow your work as it gives me inspiration.And yes i have tweeted your site .

  • Nimantha Baranasuriya Says:

    Thanks a lot Sam for the compliments 🙂

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